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Nepal Coffee Federation (NCF) established in late 1990 with a vision to promote and develop the sector of coffee productin and business in nepal.

The Nepal Coffee Federation (NCF) has been instrumental in unifying coffee producers for the past three decades. Over the course of 80 years since coffee was first introduced in Gulmi, one of Nepal’s districts, it has emerged as a major and promising cash crop throughout the hilly regions of the country. Presently, coffee cultivation spans across 44 districts out of the total 77 in Nepal. The NCF has about 2000 active members including, the District Coffee Producers Association, primary cooperatives, the Coffee Training Institute, cafes, roasters, and farmers engaged in both large and small-scale production, students, and various other stakeholders.

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Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development,
Ministry of Forest and
Environment, Ministry of
Industry, Commerce &
Supply, Ministry of Tourism
Industry and Cooperatives, National Tea and Coffee Development Board (NTCDB), Federation
of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).

European Union (EU), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Helvetas Nepal, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), World Coffee Research (WCR), Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), International Trade Centre (ITC).

Cultivation Excellence

Elevate your coffee cultivation practices with our expert guidance, fostering higher yields and quality beans through advanced techniques.

Processing Advancements

Transform your coffee processing methods with our innovative approaches, ensuring consistency and enhancing the value of your beans.

Market Reach Expansion

Expand your coffee’s footprint in the market with our strategic marketing support, connecting your product to a wider audience of coffee enthusiasts.


The main objective of the organization is to encourage and unify the small and marginalized group of people residing at hilly region (800-1600 meter) and help them produce, process and market organic and high quality coffee which will make them self-reliant, enhance their living standard and national income on the whole.


To establish coffee as an important export plant by working in association with government of Nepal, funding bodies, private sectors, social organizations, logical development, policy & relation development & well managed convenient marketing by increasing cooperation, funding in technology & implementing single door policy in export. It also aims to conserve rights and well-being of coffee professionals.

Historical Background

In Nepal, Hira Giri started coffee production in 1995 B.S. (1938) at Aanpchaur of Gulmi. Due to unaccompanied effort of the government & lack of market & technology coffee, planting did not exceed as expected. On 30th Kartik 2046 B.S (1989); enthusiast farmers of Palpa initiated the establishment of Coffee production group which later transformed into committee of Nepal coffee in 2048 B.S. (1991). In 2050 B.S. (1993) concept of organic coffee was introduced. Likewise, in the same year with the initiation & effort of the committee, Nation Tea & Coffee Development Board was established. The role of Helvdas Nepal in the organization development & technological advertisement has been phenomenal.

In 2054 B.S. (1997), 8 district (Palpa, Gulmi, Syanja, Kaski, Kavre, Lamjung, Baglung & Jhapa) jointly established Central Committee of Nepal coffee producers association. Gradually, committees were formed in villages & district level organization in the district & in 2058 B.S. central level committee was established. In 2061 B.S. (2003), district coffee producers associations were made independent & association was formed as umbrella institute. Currently Palpa, Gulmi, Syanja, Kaski, Kavre, Lamjung, Baglung, Jhapa and 14 districts are associated in this association. Other districts are also in verge of association

Farmers, groups, DCPA, co-operative, industrialists, professionals and café runners can become member of NCF. At present, there are different coffee brands in Nepalese market and more than 30 companies under NCF. Our Main priorities of NCF are given below:-

Embrace the future with our freshly elected executive committee, a team poised to steer NCF towards new horizons. Committed to upholding our legacy of unity and growth, this visionary lineup is dedicated to advancing Nepal’s coffee industry through innovative strategies, collaborative initiatives, and impactful development. Join us in welcoming this dynamic team, as together, we cultivate success in the world of coffee.