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Academic Structure Management(+2)

Academic Structure

Grade 11 & 12
Time: 6:30 A.M.11:00 A.M.

Compulsory English Compulsory English
Compulsory Nepali Compulsory Nepali
Social Studies/ Mathematics Social Studies/ Mathematics
Accountancy Accountancy
Economics Economics
Hotel Management / Computer Science/ Business studies/ Business Mathematics/ TMS Hotel Management / Computer Science/ Business studies/ Business Mathematics/ TMS

Admission Criteria

  • Students seeking admissions at NASA are required to secure minimum 2.4 GPA in Secondary Education Examination (SEE).
  • Students must appear for the entrance test as scheduled by the college. The test comprises questions related to Mathematics, English, Nepali and General Knowledge.
  • Each candidate on getting through entrance test is called for interview.
  • The final result of successful candidates for admission is published on the basis of weighted average of the entrance test, interview and SEE marks.

Examination System of Grades XI and XII

With the formation of NEB after the 8th amendment to the education act 2073, several changes have been made to the Examination System. Prior to that HSEB had the sole responsibility of affiliating, and permitting schools to run the then Higher Secondary programs, curriculum and course book designing and examining the students. Now separate government bodies are responsible for examining the students, curriculum and textbook development and other administrative assistance.

There used to be two board examinations: first at the end of grade XI and second at the end of grade XII. Students having appeared in the board examination of grade XI were allowed to go to class XII and continue their studies. At the end of class XII, they were accredited with a transcript including the marks /grades obtained by the students in both the classes side by side.

Grade XI examinations are to be conducted by the concerned schools as per the Directives of NEB. The Annual Examination grade-sheets (as specified) made available to the students by concerned schools are necessary for a student to be able to fill up the board examination form of grade XII.

Adhering to the principles, philosophy, doctrine and the Jesuit tradition of educational excellence and examination, we always emphasize upon the validity, reliability and objectivity of examinations whether it is a formative or a summative one.
As stated in the Curriculum and the related Directives both Formative and Summative Evaluations of grade XI students and Formative Evaluations of Grade XII are duly conducted.
It is mandatory for all students to appear all the examinations as notified by the college. Mentioned attendance is compulsory for any student to appear any of the examinations.

Formative Evaluation include: 

  1. Unit Tests
  2. Terminal Examinations
  3. Practical examinations following each terminal examination

Summative Evaluation include: Annual Examination/ Pre-board Examination

Grade-sheets of the students are prepared in the format and layout and on the basis of the Letter Grading system introduced by NEB for each of the Terminal Examinations and they are made available to students/ parents. The college invites them to collect grade sheets and to discuss the progress of their wards with teachers and concerned authorities.